"Universes To Fit Any Budget

Almost Certainly a Billionaire:

Just like our regular universe, but we will also send you two (2) Certificates printed on archive-quality, acid-free paper, suitable for framing. You'll only have to buy a frame for one, though, because the other certificate will be in the other universe.*

Universe-of-the-Month Club:

Deluxe Universe:

Start each month off with a new universe! By the year's end, you'll have created over 4,000 distinct universes... Your cost comes down to less than a half-penny per universe. It'll seem like you only got 12 universes... but there will be 4,096 different versions of you who are thinking that.*

A complete set of 24 universe splits, which will result in literally billions and billions of universes.* When purchased in this quantity, your universes are practically free... and yet it is statistically nearly certain that in at least one of them, you'll become a billionaire! And we'll throw in a t-shirt which says so.

Using quantum physics, we split your universe into two branches, then we send you an email to inform you which branch you're in.*

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Coming soon!
Coming soon!
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